Eyewear is much more than just a way to help you see better, it’s a fashion statement, so at Alvernon Optical, we offer a outstanding selection of frames and lens types to fit any taste, style, and budget. From high-end Designer frames, to a child’s first pair of glasses, we feature an incredible array of quality eyewear in all shapes, sizes, colors, and prices. So whether you’re trying to make a statement about who you are, or you just want to see better on the job, during recreational activities, or even underwater, Alvernon Optical has what you need!

Whether you want eyeglasses that make a statement, or just want to be able to see better, Alvernon Optical has a tremendous selection of frame choices from ‘glam’, to almost invisible, so we can suit even the most discriminating taste.

Alvernon Optical offers eyeglass frames in all styles and materials; Plastic, metal, titanium, stainless steel, semi-rimless and three piece drilled mounts.

*Brands may vary based on practice location. See your nearest Alvernon Optical for full details.

High Performance Lens Care Supplies

Cleaning your eyeglasses daily is the best way to keep them at peak performance. Cleaning helps prevent lens scratches and wear and tear on the frames. To help clean your glasses effectively, we offer High Performance lens care & cleaning supplies. Get your supply today! On your next visit, we're happy to demonstrate the best way to clean your glasses.